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Vegan Panini Sandwiches

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Panini sandwiches have always looked so tasty, but also very fattening. Not that the cheese and meat looked good, but the whole idea of grilled sandwiches  just sounds yummy.This last weekend I decided to try to make a vegan panini. They turned out really rich and super delicious, and not low cal, but compared to the cheese and meat alternative, it is more healthy. This is not hard to make. Gathering the ingredients may take some effort, but not too much, and the results are fantastic.

Vegan Panini Sandwich

crusty Bread of your choice

vegan cheese of your choice, I used Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds

vegan pesto

roasted red peppers

seitan, chopped and lightly sauteed

tempeh, chopped and lightly sauteed

panini grill or heavy bottom pan, I used cast iron.

Slice two pieces of crusty bread and spread the grated vegan cheese lightly over open faces. Microwave for about 30 sec. just until the cheese starts to melt. Spread vegan pesto over the face of one slice of bread, covering the cheese. Cut the roasted peppers into strips and lay those over the pesto. Take pieces of seitan and tempeh and lay them over the peppers in a single layer. Now put the pieces of bread together. Heat up the panini grill, or use a cast iron pan like I did. Heat it up to medium high and spray it with pan spray. Lay the sandwich in the pan and put another pan on top of it. I used another cast iron pan. Watch the sandwich closely and after about 3-5 minutes, check the bottom and see if it is golden brown. If it is browned, turn it over very gently and cook the other side until it is also golden brown. This is so yummy! Eat it hot!

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