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Vertical Diner

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We had an occasion to go to SLC recently and decided to splurge and take the whole family to the Vertical Diner. It is located on 2280 South West Temple and is open every day for breakfast 10am and 9am on the weekends and stays open til 9pm, and 10pm on the weekends. The restaurant is vegan and so there are lots of choices from salads and burgers, wraps, to entrees like Chicken Biscuit Pie and Mashed Potatoes and Gravy with Chicken, known as the American Diner. They have a delicious breakfast menu that they serve all day too. Between the six of us that went we had a good selection of food. We started with an order of Spicy Fries that were truly spicy, which we all appreciated and loved. For entrees we ordered a Phily “Cheese” Steak Sandwich, two Philly Pizza “Steak” Sandwiches, one with “Sausage” and one with “Chicken”, one California Burger, one American Diner, and one Jamaican You Dream Plate. The sandwiches all come with either carrot sticks or tortilla chips and for $3 you can add fries, mashed potatoes, or hashbrowns. The Jamaican You Dream Plate comes with a house salad. We also shared a Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae. Every one of us was delighted with our food. The flavors were all delicious and the portions were all big and satisfying. We had to carry a few boxes home because we got full too fast and that is saying a lot for a family that includes one college student and two teenagers. The service was great and the prices were moderate. It was such a treat to eat someplace with so many great choices. It is in a less traveled part of Salt Lake, but the effort is well worth it.


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